Time and tide wait for none! And so it is imperative for everyone to keep a track of time. Which means every house or office space needs a wall clock. Most people pick a wall clock simply because they have to. There are some for whom a wall clock is also a statement of who they are and how seriously they value time and looking at time too!

So, if you belong to the latter category, we have some brilliant vintage wall clock ideas for you! As they say, old is gold!

Rustic White and Brown Wall Clock

For those who believe that the living room of the house sends out a message about who you are to those who come to visit you, Make Vana brings the Rustic White and Brown Wall Clock . Its aesthetic look and design is sure to make the visitors form a promising opinion of you. The design adds to the chic interior of the living space bringing in an air of sophistication and class with its unique design.

Silver Kitchen Utensils Clock

Whether you are professional chef or simply someone who loves to cook. A clock in the kitchen is a helpful tool other than your utensils of course. What better if those utensils help you check time too! Make Vana’s unique collection has just the thing for you. Its Silver Kitchen Utensils Clock particularly handcrafted to specifications, has the utensils for its body and utensils for the minutes and hours needles. Basically, it says this person is serious about his/her kitchen like nothing else. So add it to your collection quickly!

Black and Gold Magnet Clock

If you are a person who is always on the run and need to check time just about everywhere, this piece from Make Vana is quite literally custom made for you! The chic black and gold magnet fridge clock can be stuck to your fridge in the kitchen to tell you the time each time you open it and if put in your office kitchen it can help the employees know when the hammer falls if they overstay the recess hour. Either way it is a must have.

Vintage Car Design Clock

For the vintage car lovers, a clock that also shows car is the perfect pick. Put it in your study or your office to keep alive the dream of your car. Better still, the next time your car enthusiast kid asks for a four wheeler, gift them this Make Vana’s Vintage Design Wall Clock and tell them that if they value and utilise their time well, the actual car will not be far behind! How is that for motivation!!

Whatever be your choice—food, travel, love for wild life, you name it, there is a wall clock complementing that. You can  have a look at amazing handmade  collection to find what you are looking for.