Since Apple, Inc. With the release of the iPad in April 2010, the innovative tablet has not only changed the way people can calculate, but how they learn. There is an increasing trend in the education of going green by replacing textbooks with iPad devices. Many K-12 educational institutions and institutes of higher education across the United States change the way students learn by introducing iPad devices into the classroom and as a result they affect the environment and Impact Synonym .


While desktop and laptop computers have been used in the classroom for a number of years, they have not had the same impact as many leading iPad programs across the country. The iPad puts the iPad in the hands of every student and teacher involved in the program and makes education more interactive rather than using technology to teach in children. IPad pilot programs take students beyond the basic use of computers and teach students technical skills and programming as well as use them to teach other materials such as marketing communication.

IPad devices were also used to teach students with autism and other students with special needs.

Environmental impact

The benefits of using iPad devices in the classroom go beyond the increase in digital literacy and increased student interest in education. Students can use iPad devices to send home tasks, notes, and study while teachers can track progress, give assignments, and deliver an individual learning experience. This application reduces technology in the classroom by using paper and the school’s total carbon footprint Most Popular Games.

Apple also conducted a life cycle analysis, and a study on the operations of companies that determine their impact on the environment, to determine the source of greenhouse gas emissions. What they found was that 98% of their emissions came from their products and 2% from their facilities. The company has embarked on improving the environmental performance of all its products. According to Apple’s Web site, it is the only company in its industry whose full product line exceeds the Energy Star specification guidelines. IPad devices are designed to be more energy efficient by using more efficient power sources, power management software, and less energy-efficient components and downloadhackedgames com.


Funding has been a major challenge for schools wishing to implement the pilot iPad software. One of the suggestions for funds to implement a pilot program for iPad is that schools can have an app fairs instead of traditional fund-raising methods such as selling bread. Some schools gain funding through textbooks and first-class funds. Another option might be to ask parents to pay part of the iPad. While parents may be asked to pay the full price of the iPad, it may not be possible to ask parents to contribute as much as they can. Even the new iPad price might be a great way to get a portion of the money.