Pregnancy is beautiful. But with this beautiful feeling comes many complications- sunny side up baby being one of those. Also termed as posterior baby, sunny side up babies are positioned slightly different that a normal one. Babies, while inside your belly, are usually positioned with their back facing towards your belly. But with sunny side up, babies turn on their own inside the body. While their head is perfectly downside, they are ‘face up’, their face is towards your belly.

A posterior baby’s head and face is angled upwards a bit more so the top of their head and forehead is trying to emerge first.  Plus the back of their head is pressing much harder against sacrum and tailbone, causing immense pain in during pregnancy, especiallyin the last few months.

So now that we have got a fair idea about what does sunny side up baby mean, let’s see what all complications it comes with-

  • As the hardest part of the baby’s head rests near the lower back instead of belly, back pain persists till labour.
  • This position often results in a longer labour. Normal delivery is often risky and c- section is done since the head has to rotate further during labour in order to the baby to be born.
  • As posterior babies rest in a face- up position, doctors use forceps or vacuum cups in order to take out the baby. While using forceps is a general practice for both normal and c- section delivery, but for sunny side up babies, it may cause lifetime damage on their skull.

However, the human body is designed in such a way that it can cope with all the complications of pregnancy and birth defects. So if a woman is in her seventh month pregnancy, and if the doctor detects the baby inside in a sunny side up position, walking and minor exercising often help. While exercise and stretching your limbs cannot make the baby turn in the usual position like others babies, it can lessen pain and delivery hassles.

We all know that while in pregnancy, would- be mothers are suggested brisk walking, and exercisesfor relaxed lower abdominal muscles, and lesser post- delivery pains. If you are a mother who is preparing sunny side up delivery, then stick to a regular routine of walking for half- an- hour. Many women have said that walking and standing have relieved their pain to several times than sitting in a place.

Drawing the conclusion

If you are a first time mother, chances of getting a sunny side up baby is the most. If you had a troublesome pregnancy and the doctor has suggested bed restthroughout the period, the chances of posterior baby is still there. On the other hand, a second time mother has lesser chance of getting a posterior baby. An average-sized or smaller baby does not create any problem even if its face up.