Most businesses, from SMEs to large corporations now have a significant online presence such as a website, social media channels and other sales channels. As the capabilities of online storage, collaboration and access increases, so do does the availability and use of online business facilities which work in conjunction with your business.

From HR to financial services to compliance

The internet has helped many small and medium enterprises operate on a larger scale than was previously possible. Not only does the internet allow sales channels to open up across the globe, so too does it allow companies to undertake functions that previously required large workforces or storage facilities. Companies providing HR functions online, for example, have meant that previously bulky and confidential staff files, no longer need to be kept in hard copy but can be stored electronically and securely. It also means that with the use of technology, compliance issues, such as training or background checks, can be scheduled and accomplished automatically.

Similarly, online accounting services mean that you can now provide bookkeeping functions to employees globally as well as automatic reporting and accountant access so that they can prepare or audit your accounts for you.

What else can I do online?

Realistically, there is little that you can’t move online. There are areas of your business, however, where it may surprise you how much you can achieve by moving online. One such area is in supplier management, procurement and contracting.

Traditionally, businesses relied on local supply chains to provide them with the products and services they needed to create or supply their own products, with the internet, and indeed international travel, bringing us into more of a global society and economy, however, businesses are now able to look much further afield for their suppliers and partners.

Online supply chain management

From tendering to contracting and contract management, there are several online services that offer supply chain and procurement services. The range and scope of these varies, but there are companies who are able to offer a full suite of services from tender and bid management processes right the way through to onboarding and contract management.

With all of your supply chain and their management functions in one place, it is far easier to keep track of your suppliers, where and what they are doing and, crucially, what it is costing you. is an online sourcing facility designed to assist you in every step of the way from procurement to contract and project management. With eAuction, Supply Base Management, Spend Analysis, Project & Contract Management and their eRFx software, you know you are in safe hands and can spend time focussing on growing your business not struggling to keep track of suppliers.