Fruits that can keep one healthy in monsoon

Monsoon is here and people are ready to enjoy the rains, some warm cup of teas and crunchies. But one also needs to maintain a good diet so that they can remain healthy. Monsoon does not mean that one can consume a lot of fried foods because it can make one obese and increase fatigue.

Fresh fruits are the best thing to eat because the humid climate in monsoon makes it difficult for one to digest food. But fruits have a lot of fibre which makes the process easier. So, when one is thinking of sending corporate fruit baskets, then they can send these fruits to people which can save them from monsoon infection attacks.


These are available a lot during monsoons. They are very much low in calories and they have a lot of anti oxidants. This can help in fighting infections and soothing inflammations. Cherries can benefit a human body in many ways. They can help in lowering the bad cholesterol and they also have some anti carcinogenic properties. It can also help in reducing the high blood pressure level and uric acid level in the body.


These fruits are the excellent source of dietary fibres along with potassium, copper, Vitamin C and K. There is a reddish blue pigment present in the plums that can protect one from cancer. Thus fruit can strengthen the immunity system of an individual and also cure the problem of constipation. This can also be very beneficial for one who is suffering from anaemia.


One needs to choose these fruits very wisely. One can pick the peaches that are yellowish orange in colour and they are firm when pressed. Peaches also contain a lot of fibre and they are low in calories. These fruits are a very good source of vitamin A, B and carotene. Peach has a lot of Vitamin C that can protect the skin and improve the vision. They have some fluoride that can take care of the dental heath.


This fruit is considered to be the powerhouse of many nutrients like potassium, vitamins and iron. All of these are very helpful during the monsoons. Jamuns are great for lover and kidney and it can help in reducing the blood sugar level. So those who have diabetes can get benefit from this fruit and they can eat them raw to get the best taste.


This fruit is full of anti oxidants and it can be beneficial for people who are suffering from asthma. This can also help a human being to lose their body weight faster. Litchi can help the body to resist again the disease and then build the immunity system. Thus fruit is also very good for skin care as it can remove acne and spots.


This fruit is rich in nutrients and the anti oxidants present here can increase the immunity power in the body. They have vitamin B which aids in the development of red blood cells.

When one is a sending corporate fruit basket this monsoon they can consider these fruits.

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