The Evolution of Streetwear through Subcultures and its Future

Before the turn of the 90's fashion took a new turn for the better. The days of a jumpsuit and flappy jeans were long gone. Time for a new trend and a new wave of industries pushing through their brand.

There came Tommy Hilfiger and the rest that dictated what we wear and what was right for our dress sense. As it was usually the case of pioneer status, this company defined our taste in fashion and made everything we have ever known as fashion theirs.

They had everything behind them, the financial backing, the power, the mix of every known designer in the industry to stake their claim tothe much-converted throne of“fashion icon”.

What happened to the man on the on the street, how did he nurture his not so poignant idea? He started locally from his backyard to his neighbors, friends, school, malls and now mens streetwear is here and pulling much weight.
Wall Street and the rest of the corporate world are left bewildered when they see how artists, basketball stars, skaters, and surfers rep their street. They enjoy the flavor of having to wear something that defines your taste and is not centered on what others expect to see you wear.

Before Shawn Stussy took the unknown brand to become a mega brand of individuality and originality, it had to go through a lot of stress in bringing different subcultures in the game. Today they are the pillar and post of everything the street is all about and more.

Firstly, it started with the way skaters and surfers dress to do their gig and how it was blended to get to where it is now. The skating trend brought streetwear to the forefront of fashion before Hip pop and punk began to pick up.

The Hip pop culture is instantly becoming the most favored subculture that has various hip pop artists took it a step further than what it was known for in the contemporary world. At that moment, creativity was born which led us into an era of punk.

Today, the punk culture is breeding with forth more lovers of the act of producing something that is recognized locally.
If it wasn't for the fact that the corporate world is too rigid to see the challenge that this new wave of fashion has impacted the world, they could have been sanctioned them to be worn in offices and corporate gatherings literally, that is me joking.

Everywhere you go people represent themselves through the street. The clothes might look different, but it's street. Japan, for example, owns a vast market for street clothes because of the famous Japanese brand of street clothing that infiltrated America.

In Singapore as well, there is a connection of street clothing to the whole of the major city there. It has become a worldwide phenomenon that the corporate world is turning a blind eye to. They forget to realize that the future belongs to street.

Why Enuki Clothing is a Streetwear Choice for Men?

Enuki clothing burst into the scene like a volcano that is waiting to erupt and today most folks can stop talking about it.

Another Streetwear with an exquisite design from the start to the finish. Enuki is now a household name in London and around the world, It's unique blend of colors to bring out a stunning design can only be compared to some of the icons in the industry.

So far, Enuki has been able to carve out a name for itself in the fashion industry as it continues to expand beyond measure. Its investment in top-notch technology has branded its wears as unique in every form of clothing, from the sizes, shapes, types, colors, etc.

Cutting-Edge technology has left it seamlessly sought after by top e-commerce, wholesale and retail stores for patronage. Its unique design has made it a fashion label to emulate regarding quality and delivery of materials.

Affordable pricing, always in stock is some of the element Enuki clothing has been known for. It brands range from. T-shirt, vest, hoodie, joggers and much more.

Some of its favorite brands include; Sapporo dip dye, moonlight floral, brand carrier, Sukoshi, Core Raglan and much more.

Sapporo Dip Dye

You can only find one of the best blends of colors from this collection in Enuki. Every color mixture is unique at all times and shows the unique designs that come with it. For example, white can be mixed with Hazel or grey to give a unique design, just as black can also be blended with grey to come out with someone spectacular.

All these color mixtures can be found in T-shirt, hoodies, jogger's, vest and much more.

Moonlight Floral

Specially designed to suit the taste of people with exquisite desire, Moonlight floral comes with a flower design that covers most of the back and front for a t-shirt and only the front for a hoodie. It also comes in White and black.

For the T-shirt, the floral covers the shoulder to the hands while for the hoodies it includes the front and the whole length of the side. They also come with a vest, joggers and much more.

Brand Carrier

The favorite choice of most people when it comes to Enuki wears; it carries the inscription of the brand "Enuki" at the front and the sleeve of its shirts. It comes in a variety of colors as well, from Oxblood, grey, black, white just to name but a few. It is also available on T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and vest.


Another famous brand by Enuki, Sukoshi is more like the moonlight floral but entirely different from the latter regarding the arrangement of the floral. Its bold display of the flora at the back of the cloth leaves a sizeable impressive design to admire.

Available in almost any color you can think of, the Sukoshi is present in Jogger's, hoodies, vest and a lot more.

Other brands of Enuki like the Luxe T-shirt; Core Raglan also comes in hoodies, joggers, T-shirts and vest in different colors.

The Evolution of Streetwear Clothing

A type of fashion clothing that is seen to be constantly evolving with the influences of the street is referred as streetwear. Basically, the street is likely to refer to more informal clothing lines in nature, such as caps, shirts, jeans, shirts and footwear. Logos, retro styles, graphic prints and bright colors commonly appear in this style of clothing, while skateboarding and hip-hop are also seen to have a great influence on designs.

From the look,  streetwear clothing continues to change and evolve, it can sometimes be very difficult to categorize and designers continue to add more unique and innovative designs to the market. The main objective of this clothing line is to offer a range of casual clothing that is comfortable and gives a great look that is different from the more available items in larger stores. In addition to the influence that comes from the hip-hop and skate culture, many of the designs are often seen to take some of their design inspiration from the era of the eighties. Many items of clothing could feature bold graphics and look for retro logos to match the classic of the eighties.

I love the feeling of stepping out every day and feel as free as a bird, which is what most people love about fashion from the streets. You get to wear anything and mix up with everyone that matters or doesn't matter with the same wear.

I could be shaking the hands of Jay Z today's with my jackets and sweat pants and be balling with the boys somewhere in town with the same cloths. It's because of the street fashion sense that doesn't distinguish or separate you from the rest.

It doesn't matter if your sneakers are worth an S100, they don't mean nothing when it comes to street clothing unless you are tight.

Each day various piece of street clothing and accessory keep springing up and various brands keep infiltrating the already existing market to cause a proliferation of street wears. What are the important element of streetwear clothing we should be looking at?


Every street loves their footwear, from sneakers, canvas, jogger’s; it has all been perfectly made to fit what goes above it and beyond. The color might change but the definition of what a person is wearing can be viewed to be street by just looking at the footwear.


Hoodies have the definition of street fashion for a very long time and is still is, I mean, you will hardly find any brand of streetware that doesn't include it in it's genre. The hood covers the backview of the person to make them look unique and different. It can also be used to drive away cold during winter.


Jackets can go with almost anything you have in mind when it comes to streetwear. Most of what we use to different between brands is the type of jackets that they produced and how it differs from the other. Nobody looks down on Jackets when talking about streetwear, it's uniqueness can be blended to suit almost any type of contemporary wear.

Top 5 Streetwear Styles For Men

Streetwear styles always come and go, but the most favored ones remained. In the same vein, streetwear has been known to be for males and the younger generation but today what do we see? Men and women, young and old flashing their sneakers or ripped denim jeans for anyone who cares to look or watch.

Supreme wears just hit the $1 billion mark in the fashion industry, and it's all down to its work on this subculture of fashion that has turned to become a mainstream staple.

Today we find people dropping their fancy shoes and perfectly fit suits for a feeling of freedom which streetwear can provide. How they can blend so quickly to the new environment depends on the type of teacher they have and what they choose to wear.The different styles involved in the street are enormous; you just have to start from somewhere like:

Bomber jackets

Made famous by Kanye West approval and even putting it on himself, this streetwear has gone on to topple some of the first few labels and subcultures we knew back then.

Kanye is a street icon for streetwear therefore whatever he endorses like bomber jackets make an instant hit. He is a trendsetter, and one of these trends is a bomber jacket.

Hoodie and sweatshirt

It won't go away; instead, it will continue to grow. These days color mixtures have come into play a lot, and no one wants to lag behind. The use of floral to bring out exquisite design is also a trend that works very fine.

The colors also keep changing and continue to evolve if we look it from two of the most famous piece of enuki clothing used to complement Hoodie and sweatshirt are jeans and joggers.

Chelsea boots

We are all used to streetwear style coming from sneakers, canvas in the case of footwear. During that time a new type of footwear was gaining many waves from celebrities and sports stars. It was no other than the Chelsea boots.

Expensive but well worth it. It sets you apart anytime you have Chelsea boots on, which is why we love fashion. Fashion allows us to be unique and this boot does just that.


The finely cut print shirt will also never leave our fashion world. On the streets, they go with skinny sweatpants when imprinted on a T-shirt. If it wasn't covered with a jacket or vest, it's showing a stunning floral design. The beautiful thing about this style is that it can be worn during spring or summer.

Denim and sweats

Two of the most popular pants in the industry, they can be mixed in colors, distressed, crossed as much as you want just to give that fascinating look or pump up feeling.

Denim comes in different shades than sweatpants, no wonder it's the most preferred pants for any piece of clothing in the industry. That is not sweatpants isn't functional on its own; it's just that people lean towards denim than they do sweats.

In conclusion, streetwear styles will always change, but these mentioned styles will remain in the scene.

The Evolving Trend of Streetwear for Men

Men's streetwear has been on an extreme roller coaster in the past few years, and this is all down to the rising trend of Pop culture all around the world. With the continued growth of the industry, a lot of multi-national, local and foreign companies are looking at tasting a slice of the cake.

What does it take really to be called streetwear? How much more making it generic to the common man or woman on the street.

As rightly put by some street experts, having a generic streetwear brand does mean hitting a few shops or staying around for a few years, it means ruling your hood for 10 to 30 years and taking it global. Only a few brands have managed to that. Just a few brands have managed to be authentic, sustainable without a sponsor and prominent money merchants and remain timeless.

Men streetwear style have evolved with this same trend we have been talking about. Usually, street wears would involve a bit of sneaker, canvas, T-shirt, hoodies, turncoat, etc. but as the tides begin to change, we have seen a blended form of men's version of streetwear.

Today it's all about uniqueness with designs and rugged jeans blended with different types of tops and accessories. For anyone seeking a to cut into the industry, however, they will have to be looking at top leaders in the genre kind of industry like;


The so much dominated the niche of men’s fashion from 1994 that these days everyone who wants to reign supreme has to follow supreme. Skate decks, timberland boots, you name and they have got your back in the business.

Some famous men celebrities even hit the limelight by adorning the fantastic piece of streetwear from Supreme.

Wacko Maria

Another brand beginners in the male fashion industry will find thrilling is the Wacko Maria. Still, in the shadows Stussy, it's made from Japanse trend and needed high caliber of people to make it sell. The brand came in with full skate wears, HHip pop wears and went on to become the streetwear cult newest way of expressing themselves for the men folks.


Another streetwear for men that is continuously known for its graffiti, and pop street wears. Popularly done by Kanye West, its reminiscent of what we had back in the day transforming what street fashion should look like and put it on the runway.

In conclusion, as the growing trend for men continues to push the boundaries of fashion yo it's extreme, streetwear will continue to evolve with it and meet contemporary design.

Quite a lot has been said about what should men's wears be all about in the future, but if anything is to be trusted, it's the fact that nobody has the power or influence to dictate anything about fashion to the street, it picks it's own.

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