Thinking of Buying a Natural Fibre Flooring? Top 4 Options Which Are Rage This Fall

Slowly but steadily we are moving towards the sustainable sources in the home décor scene as well. The beautiful raw earthly tones and textures not only make the rugs look extremely elegant but the 100% natural fibre material makes them the perfect sustainable as well as eco=friendly alternatives to the synthetic options available in the market.
Without wasting any more time, let us quickly walk you through the trendy natural fibre rug options which are an absolute rage this season.
1. Seagrass Carpet: Seagrass rugs because of their golden beige tones and water repellent quality are being increasingly preferred in various home settings. The material is smooth and silky to touch besides being anti-static.
Seagrass grows in abundance in shallow salt waters and marshlands. However, as the demand for this natural fibre spiked, it began to be farmed for mass production.
Seagrass grows underwater and has a distinct quality, which makes it impermeable. Also, since the material is anti-static, dust particles do not stick easily; it saves you from the cleaning woes. There is one limitation though- you cannot dye seagrass in the colours of your choice.
Those of you who are looking for a more vibrant option to cover their floors, you may go with the combination option instead where the dyed strands of other natural fibres are entwined and interwoven with the seagrass.
2.Wool floorings: Wool is derived from the sheep and is one of the most ancient natural fibre available to us. The USP of the material is that it is exceptionally soft beside it is also resistant to piling, heating and staining.
Keep it away from the water since the moisture can damage its strands.
Also, Wool carpets can easily double up as appreciably efficient sound insulators- They do this by trapping air in-between their fibrous structure.
Classy looks and soft texture imparts an imperial feel to the material.
3.Jute Rugs: Jute one of the softest natural fibres amongst a host of different options available to us.
However, its plush and fragile structure makes the rug susceptible to faster wear and tear. It is recommended that you must use jute rugs only in low traffic zones. The places with heavy footfall should consider more robust options like Seagrass rugs instead.
Also, like other natural fibre, moisture can be highly damaging for the jute floorings. Hence, you must refrain from putting them near to washroom, kitchen or other moisture-laden areas.
4.Sisal Carpets: Sisal is another natural fibre option, which is rising the popularity charts. Taking of its upside, the fibre is robust, easy to maintain and dye.
The softness of sisal carpet is in between wool and jute. If you still feel it somewhat harsh to walk on then layer it up with somewhat softer and smaller rug to bring down the stiffness quotient.
So, wait no more. Choose from the widest variety of Jute, sisal and Floorspace seagrass rugs and instantly transform the aesthetics of your place.

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