Types of Back Pains different regions

Today the world has become full of ailments and diseases. The distribution of these ailments is so widespread that people often get confused and mix up many diseases with one another. People often mix up their knowledge about several back pains.

When there are so many classifications of a disease, then this “mix up” tendency is obvious. Isn’t it? Several surgeons classify the types of back pains based on many criteria, such as based on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc.

Especially, the back-pain surgeons in Florida have treated and thus came out with many types of back pains. But above all, there are only three major types of back pains. The other classified pains are categorized under these three main classes. Neither treatment, nor symptoms, but these types of back pains are classified based on their area of distribution. Let us dive deep into these three types of back pains:

Axial Pain

This is the most common pain of the low back which you may see. These pains are completely mechanical and may get worse by different activities, positions, and even the lack of rest. They may be sharp or dull. Though they do not spread into the legs but remain in the lower back only. Diagnosed through an MRI scan and may be confirmed by the presence of an anatomical lesion. Axial pain may be cured in a non-surgical way, but in chronic cases, several back-pain surgeons in Florida suggest a surgery which may involve Laminectomy and Discectomy.

Referred Pain

They are similar to axial pains in their area of action, but unlike the axial ones, they spread to the hips as well as upper thighs, if not treated in time. This pain is felt in the left arm during a heart attack. Unfortunately, the specific diagnosis of this type of back pain is still not discovered yet.

But many back-pain surgeons in Florida, through their advanced and experienced examination, are often able to detect referred pains. When the situations get worse, and this pain spreads over many parts of the body, especially in the legs, then discography (injection of discs) may be done.

Radicular Pain

This type of pain is indeed a critical one. You may experience certain electric-shock like sensations as this pain flows through the spinal nerve in the spinal canal. Radicular pain usually occurs in the lumbosacral region of the spine. Severe chronic cases of this type of pain may cause damage to the motor function, which leads to paralysis.

Ridiculer pain may occur at two different regions of the spine, I.e., the cervical spine and the lumbar spine. Radiculopathy is the most common treatment for this type of back pain. The Radiculopathy may be L4 or L5 type as it depends on the specific location of the disc herniation.

The above-described types of back pain may not only cure by surgeries but also by home remedies though it depends upon the degree of pain and internal damage. The surgeon may decide whether you may need incisions or not. So, it is beneficial for you to know the type of back-pain you bear, as it helps you to go for the proper treatment for that specific particular pain. 

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